We work with communities to find a path that will help them thrive in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

- Town regeneration plans - Town centre health checks - Socio-economic profiles - Consumer and visitor surveys - Heritage audits - Public consultation - Organising and leading regeneration training events - Assistance with grant applications -
R&D have excellent experience in providing unique strategies that fulfill the tourism potential of your town or site.

- Heritage interpretation plans - Interpretive signage - Festival advice - Tourism strategies - Organisation and leading of tourism training events - Assistance with grant applications -
What lies beneath need not be frightening! R&D can give practical advice on how to manage the archaeology on your site both before and during development. We have strong experience in the use of archaeology for placemaking in new developments.

- Advice on how to incorporate archaeology into new developments - Community archaeology - Archaeological assessments -
We specialise in providing conservation management strategies that ensure the best outcomes for both our clients and the sites.

- Conservation management plans - Heritage impact assessments - Advice on how to incorporate heritage into new developments - Building conservation advice - Planning advice - Organisation of conservation training events - Assistance with grant applications -
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