Climate change and society's reaction to it is the greatest threat to heritage and our quality of life.

At Research + Dig we believe that heritage can be a key ally in fighting climate change. We also believe that the actions needed to fight climate change - if well designed - can improve the livability of our communities and create a more robust economy.

In virtually all our strategies, plans and feasibility studies, issues around environmental sustainability are included as core considerations. Proposals in some projects have included:


  • Building reuse and sustainable travel actions in the Curragh Plains Conservation Management Plan.

  • Community led green energy initiatives in the Múscraí Heritage Plan.

  • Sustainable tourism actions in the Black Pig's Dyke Conservation Management Plan.

  • Integrating climate change concerns into the running of the Irish Walled Towns Network.

On behalf of the Heritage Council we also ran a conference and published an advisory document on how historic towns could adapt to the challenge of climate change. 

A Low Carbon Practice

We are working towards being a zero carbon office but in the meantime:

  • We don't fly but do love to take the ferry!

  • Were possible, we take public transport to meetings or hold meetings online.

  • We operate from an old building with lots of embodied energy.

  • We use recycled paper and are conscious of minimising both general waste and energy usage. 

For 2022, we are looking to improve the insulation of the office, switch to a green energy electricity supplier and even go vegetarian for lunch!